A Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Lawyer and Attorney Andy Miofsky

2249 Pontoon Road, Granite City Illinois 62040

An Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyer and Attorney 618-931-1313 Offering Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney information in Madison, St Clair & Southern Illinois counties

Bankruptcy Law Network
The Bankruptcy Law Network is the one of a kind cooperative venture organized into a LLC by licensed bankruptcy attorneys across the country.  These attorneys have been selected for membership by the other members of the cooperative.  All members must be invited to participate, based on experience and qualification, unlike the many commercial lawyer referral services where anyone can pay a monthly advertising fee.  Bankruptcy Law Network members contribute weekly articles regarding topical issues of interest to persons facing bankruptcy.  Additionally, other lawyers read the articles for cutting edge techniques and legal strategy.  Accessing this blog site allows one to learn answers to common questions of bankruptcy law and procedure. Andy Miofsky is the only Illinois attorney selected to be an equity partner.  At the Bankruptcy Law Network real lawyers provide real solutions to bankruptcy questions.  Links to each lawyer member of the network are available on the Out Of Area Lawyer Links of my site and on the Bankruptcy Law Network site itself.  We share ideas and contact information.  Our goal is to educate the public.  And we offer a RSS subscription.  The Bankruptcy Law Network is a totally free service provided to you by the member attorneys at no cost.  Free is good.  Please feel free to visit the site by clicking on the link at the top of this paragraph to answer any additional questions you might have.  Then return to this site to schedule your bankruptcy appointment.  A Bankruptcy Lawyer Andy Miofsky is a founding member of the Bankruptcy Law Network.
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