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Blogs of Bankruptcy
Before you file bankruptcy you should be fully informed how bankruptcy will affect you.  The links below provide answers to many common questions and help educate you regarding real life bankruptcy experiences.  Each article is a blog I personally wrote for the Bankruptcy Law Network blog site.  Enjoy.

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Chapter 13 And House Mortgage:  Surrender And Discharge In Illinois

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Death During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Can I Buy A Car While In Bankruptcy

What The Mortgage Industry Does Not Want You To Know About Securitization

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Debt Collector May Notify You When Collection Activity Stops

New Rules Keeping Up With BAPCPA

How Do I Defend A Credit Card Collection Lawsuit

What's In Your Mailbox

Does The New Bankruptcy Law Apply To A Converted Case

Beyond The Bar: Credit Counseling Problems Surface

Judge, Please Deny My Reaffirmation Agreement

How Do I Determine How Much My Pet Is Worth

Confusing Terms: Not Filed

How Many Mortgages Are Being Rewritten

What Is Congress Doing To Protect Homeowners From The Mortgage Mess

Do I Have To Pay Interest On My Unsecured Debt In Bankruptcy

My Mortgage Has ALS:  Aurora Loan Services

Can I File Bankruptcy The Same Day I Complete Counseling

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