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Confirmed Plan
After the court has approved a plan in a chapter 11, 12 or 13 case, the plan is said to be confirmed.  It has gone through the confirmation process and has been vetted by the judge, the trustee and creditors to make sure it complies with the requirements of the bankruptcy code.  A confirmed plan serves as a contract between the debtor, creditors and interested parties.  It is enforceable under law and the parties are bound by its terms.

Under certain circumstances, a confirmed plan may be modified upon request of a trustee or the debtor.  The request must be submitted to the court for approval, after providing notice and an opportunity for a hearing on the request. 

Typically, a request to modify a confirmed plan will come from the trustee who needs additional money to pay certain claims.  Also, a debtor can request to modify a plan to pay less money if the debtor suffers a decrease in income or faces higher monthly expenses than those in existence at the time the plan was proposed.

If a confirmed plan is modified, the modified version then becomes the new plan that is binding upon the parties.
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