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An Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyer and Attorney 618-931-1313 Offering Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney information in Madison, St Clair & Southern Illinois counties

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A Bankruptcy Lawyer Andy Miofsky will meet with you at your convenience and help you decide how to deal with your debts.  You can find much of the necessary information on this website.  When you are ready, call 618/931-1313 for further information.  You will always have a bankruptcy lawyer answer your questions.  You will not have to deal with a paralegal or secretary.  My support staff keeps busy working on other parts of bankruptcy and debt collection lawsuits.  Your questions will only be handled by a professional bankruptcy attorney.

My office thrives on the latest technology and innovative bankruptcy software.  I have developed office procedures designed to make your case easier and more convenient to handle.  Some of these procedures have been copied by bankruptcy attorneys across the country.

* * *24 hour interactive internet based telephone answering service* * *

Try my 24 hour automated answering system to answer many common questions.  618/931-1313.  Your message will hunt me down over my personal cell phone and email account to my laptop computer.  You can reach me with your message wherever I am.  This system helps me return 100% of my client phone calls, yes, I return all your calls.

Downstate and Southern Illinois:  Don't you detest the way people from Chicago and the northern part of the Illinois refer to most of Illinois as 'downstate'?  Well, I cater to and serve all parts of Southern Illinois.

If you think you live too far away, give my office a call to see how you can use the services of a bankruptcy lawyer at your convenience.  Bankruptcy courts are located in Benton, Effingham and East St. Louis.  My office can represent you in a court district conveniently located near you.

Call 618/931-1313 for your free consultation and to learn more information
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