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Occupy Bankruptcy

Where is your government bailout?  General Motors got hers.  So did Bank of America and 924 other businesses.  Your medical bills are piling up; your credit cards are maxed out; you've lost your job and your unemployment is running out; so, what can you do; what should you do?  You can bailout yourself. 
Yepperdo, create your own government bailout. 

I call it Quantitative Pleasing, 'cause it will make you feel better.  Use the same Congressional law that big business uses when it can't pay its bills.  Occupy chapter 7 bankruptcy; occupy chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy lets you discharge certain debts and you can keep paying the ones you want.  Hey, you wouldn't be reading this webpage if you were swimming in cash.  Well, here is your answer.  Talk to A Bankruptcy Lawyer today.

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